When ‘Human Rights’ Become a Menace

December 23, 2020
Grandiose gestures to “protect human rights” can sometimes result in wholesale violations of human rights, as our actions in Iraq, Libya, and Syria have all demonstrated.
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The Foreign Policy Choice This November

October 22, 2020
Whether possessing four or 40 years of foreign policy experience, neither septuagenarian is apt to reorient America’s role in the world, regardless of what the voters want.
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October 12, 2020
Put CENTCOM out of its misery and spend that money on higher priorities with better likelihoods of success.
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Why the Blob Needs an Enemy

September 10, 2020
Reforming and rehabilitating the U.S. foreign policy establishment will require more than policy prescriptions and comprehensive reports: it needs generational change.
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Towards a Catholic Foreign Policy

August 2, 2020
Just war doctrine is more than a legalistic checklist. Intemperance in the soul, not incorrect reasoning, is the true origin of unjust wars.
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Definitions, Please!

July 26, 2020
What may seem to political practitioners to be hair-splitting philosophical distinctions can have enormous practical significance.
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Time to Break up the FBI?

May 18, 2020
They see themselves as guardians of the American Way, intervening whenever and wherever they see democracy in danger. No healthy republic should have a national police force with this kind of culture.
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Catholics in Crisis

March 19, 2020
Rules and principles will not steer people right if will and imagination are pulling them in a different direction.
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The New Social Contract We Must Reject

May 2, 2019
If we allow this new social contract to become our national norm, we will no longer be Americans in any meaningful sense. We will descend from a self-governing people into the subjects of social democratic elites.
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The Moral Path to Peace

February 10, 2018
Humanity faces no greater challenge in the 21st century than averting conflict among peoples and civilizations.
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Can America’s Foreign Policy Be Restrained?

December 20, 2017
“How is it that the national security managers get away with it?” historian and foreign policy intellectual Andrew Bacevich asked at a recent event at Catholic University (CUA) in Washington, DC.
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Samuel Huntington Was Not Like Steve Bannon

September 8, 2017
Contrary to the caricatures of his ideas, Huntington did not cheer on a “clash of civilizations.” He recommended that we simply recognize the reality of such a clash and develop strategies for maintaining peace within it.
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