Published Humanitas, Volume XXII Nos. 1 and 2, 2009


Betty, I cried in the night, come closer.
I’m chilled to the bone, and my brain is foggy;
A kind of numbness steals through every limb.
You have the warmth of life within you,
You drive away the shadow of death.
How well we know each other’s bodies, and times
Of joy and sorrow sealed our souls in loving trust.
When darkness drags us down, Love, you are our warrior,
Saying, You can swim against the darkness,
You can reach the sunlight shore.
At times love wavers, and the devil whispers,
You are wrong to think you found it. Admit
The weeds of hate that sprout in your heart.
But love replies, Of course, the proof of love
Is the absolute need for one another—for better or worse.