[Poem] Lovers

January 3, 2018
Betty, I cried in the night, come closer. I’m chilled to the bone, and my brain is foggy; A kind of numbness steals through every limb.
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[Short Story] The Diorite Whales

January 1, 2018
Jim studied the drop from the bridge to the white caps. Too much time to regret it. A gun would be better. A gun wouldn’t allow for second thoughts like a plunge from the Gate, and a bullet would be more reliable than a fall from a four storey Victorian.
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War’s End: A Short Story

September 8, 2017
This story is loosely based on an encounter between the Russian photographer Yevgeny Khaldei and the American photographer Robert Capa, as reported by Michael Specter of the New York Times, in a July 1995 interview.
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