Special Issue
A Symposium: Morality Reconsidered

Justin D. Garrison and Ryan R. Holston

At the annual meeting of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters in June 2014 Claes Ryn gave a speech that challenged a tendency in traditional Western moral speculation and argued for a moral and philosophical reform. The speech and the ensuing controversy gave the editors the idea of a symposium on the issues involved. They invited commentaries on Ryn’s manuscript and asked him to respond to them.



How Desperate Should We Be?,  5
Claes G. Ryn

Decision Procedures, Moral Philosophy, and Despair:
The Response of Virtue Ethics and the Connoisseur
,  31
Kenneth B. McIntyre

David Hume and the
Origins of Modern Rationalism
,  44
Donald Livingston

Tradition, Principle, and the Rule of Law:
A Response to Claes Ryn
,  70
Bruce P. Frohnen

Political Morality Reconsidered:
A Rejoinder
Claes G. Ryn