Regaining the Balance: An
Augustinian Response to Eric Voegelin, 4
Mark Mitchell

The End of Art Theory, 32
Leon Rosenstein

Dialogue on Babbitt and Lincoln

Irving Babbitt on Lincoln and Unionism, 59
James Seaton

The Problem of Lincoln
in Babbitt’s Thought
, 69
Richard M. Gamble

The Heritage of Lincoln, 81
James Seaton

More Thoughts on Power

Debate on Power Should Continue, 86
Marshall DeRosa

Gottfried-Ryn Dialogue Deficient, 90
Chris Woltermann

Power Is Manipulating the Masses, 96
Paul Gottfried

Power, Again, 100
Claes G. Ryn

The Authoritarian Secularism
of John Stuart Mill
, 107
George W. Carey

Notes on Contributors, 120