Dimensions of Power: The Transformation of Liberalism and the Limits of ‘Politics’, 4
Claes G. Ryn

On Tradition, 28
Mark Bevir

The Dystopian Theodicy of Parson Malthus, 54
Gorman Beauchamp

The Sense and Sensibility of Betrayal:
Discovering the Meaning of Treachery
through Jane Austen
, 72
Rodger L. Jackson

Charles Austin Beard: Liberal Foe
of American Internationalism, 90
James P. Philbin


A Worthy Kaddish, 108
Juliana Geran Pilon

A Flawed Defense of the South, 112
Stephen M. Klugewicz

Reflections on Past and Present, 117
Gerald J. Russello

Notes on Contributors, 120