Lincoln, Macbeth, and the Moral Imagination, 4
Michael Knox Beran

Unrestraint Begets Calamity:
The American Whig Review, 1845-1852
, 22
Wesley Allen Riddle

The Spirit of American Constitutionalism:
John Dickinson’s Fabius Letters
, 57
Gregory S. Ahern

In East/Central Europe History Will Not Be Ignored, 77
Thomas Molnar

Responses to Postmodernism

Defining Historicism, 86
Claes G. Ryn

Two Kinds of Criticism: Reflective
Self-Scrutiny vs. Impulsive Self-Validation, 102
Joseph Baldacchino


Which Liberalism? Which Soul?  118
Paul Gottfried on David Walsh’s The Growth of the Liberal Soul

War’s End, 128
Short Story by Sophie Cook

Notes on Contributors, 128